Commercial transactions are a part of daily life. And when making these transactions, consumers face a number of economic risks. From buying groceries to buying a car, we participate in a largely unaccountable and unregulated global marketplace where all of us are vulnerable to fraud and deception.
When companies treat consumers unfairly, consumers often have little individual recourse. Considering the offending companies’ size and strength, it’s critical that consumers enlist skilled lawyers who understand consumers’ concerns and can protect their rights.

Our firm offers experienced consumer protection representation and can assist people facing issues related to:

  • Consumer fraud
  • Price fixing
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Our goal at Karon LLC is to help our clients resolve their problems from a position of strength. Daniel Karon has been protecting consumers’ rights since 1991. In his decades of practice, he has litigated and tried many complex cases. And during this time, he has built a record of success that includes having helped victimized consumers collect billions of dollars in compensation through class action lawsuits.

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