A class action lawsuit is a powerful tool that allows a group of people to join together to seek justice from a single company or group of companies. Often, class members are only aware of their own experiences and don’t realize that the defendant or defendants have harmed others in the same way. But a skilled and committed class action attorney can pull together the individual threads of each victim’s story to create a complete narrative that shows how the entire class was harmed.

Of course, a characteristic affecting most class actions is the unfeasibility of individual plaintiffs to prosecute their claims alone. And when people band their cases together, they have a voice that can result in compensation by the defendant or defendants and can change illegal business practices so that others aren’t harmed in the future. For these reasons, not only are class actions good for plaintiffs and class members, class actions are good for society because they help to ensure a level playing field for everyone, including well-behaving, noncheating companies.

At Karon LLC, we are proud to have handled countless successful class action lawsuits. Daniel Karon has over 20 years of experience using the power of class actions to help his clients level the playing field. He understands how to conduct the thorough investigations needed to win important class actions. His intimate understanding of the complex laws that govern class action claims has allowed him to run and participate extensively in cases that have recovered billions of dollars for injured people and companies.

Frequently, companies cheat consumers a little bit at a time—just enough for consumers either not to notice or not to believe they can do anything about it. But Congress created class actions to level the playing field so that consumers damaged in small amounts would have a remedy for corporate misbehavior whose small effects add up to big corporate dollars. So if you think you’ve been victimized by this type of corporate fraud, we invite you to call us for a free talk. We’ll take whatever time you need for us to consider whether you have a valid claim.

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